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"Innovative marketing approaches for regional products or a plastic-free, edible ice cream spoon - in recent years the pitch winners of the IGW-Startup-Days have shown that food startups not only recognize social problems, but also bring holistic and marketable solutions to the market with a lot of speed and conviction. This keeps them a step ahead of many of the big players.“

- Lars Jaeger, Events Director, International Green Week, Messe Berlin GmbH

IGW Startup-Days 2020 EN


Winners of the IGW Startup-Days 2020

‘Frachtpilot’ wins the Startup award, ‘Fairment’ takes second place and ‘Yumbau Dumplings’ third.

Dr. Sebastian Terlunen, CEO and founder of the company that markets ‘Frachtpilot’ software, described it as a “declaration of independence for farmers“. A nine-member panel of judges comprising retail representatives and food experts had voted this product the winner. The software makes it possible to fully digitise and automate direct marketing. The object is to give farmers more time doing their jobs rather than spending it in the office.

The startup Fairment has developed starter sets for making kombucha. The company’s online shop sells cultures for making kefir, yoghurt and kombucha, as well as ready-made products such as kimchi. Leon Benedens and Paul Seelhorst, who set up the company, hope the award will boost retail trade.

Yumbau, which took third place, produces dim sum dumplings in Germany according to a recipe from northern China. The recently founded company dispenses with glutamate, sugar, modified starch and preservatives. The dumplings, which can be prepared within minutes, are available in six flavours. Several sauces round off the product range.

19 companies from 52 entries made the final round of the Startup days. They exhibited their products over two days at the Professional Center in the Marshall Haus and held five-minute presentations pitching their corporate ideas to trade visitors and the judges. As well as being tested for three months by REWE Süd, the winners will receive coaching and can take part in the Food Safety Congress.

The Finalists

Agora - Online market place for raw materials

Bosetein - Bacteria detection on food

Easy Cook Asia - Asian cooking boxes

El origen - Organic chips made of plantains and manioc

Essento - Insect-based products

Fairment - Kombucha sets and products

FrachtPilot - Saas platform for the digitalization of all marketing processes

Genusskoarl - Lupin-based umami sauce

Grün Beverage Lab - Non-alcoholic alternatives for alcoholic drinks

Inner Elmt - Vital mushroom-based beverage powder

Kulero - Edible cutlery

Oh my dough - cookie dough out of the cup

Panvega - Biocompliant vitamin B12

PAUDAR Bratpulver - Frying powder

Rebel Meat - Burger patties made of 50% beef and 50% mushrooms

Timbercoast - Transport of goods by sailing boat

VYTAL - Bowl-sharing concept

Yammbits - Fruit balls

Youflake - Muesli machine

Yumbau - Asian convenience products – dim sum and sauces


The Jury

The jury consists of commercial representatives, food industry experts and specialists in startup funding/support:


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