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January 24, 2018

The 200,000th visitor’s “first profession was that of florist”

“Of course, I am mainly here because of the Floral Hall“, says Claudia Hoffmann, smiling, with a bouquet of flowers in her hand. She is the 200,000th visitor to the International Green Week 2018, and although she now works as a dental technician, “my first profession was that of florist.” The bouquet is beautiful, and the fair organisers are pleased to receive some professional praise. Of course, as she admits, she is also here because of the food. She happily poses for a photograph with Felix Prince of Löwenstein, chairman of the Association of the Ecological Food Industry. Finally she also received a box of gifts from the National Ecological Cultivation Programme (BÖLN), containing Hofpfisterei bread, spelt noodles, a red wine by the name “Chefsache”, a red sparkling wine and also beer, Kalahari salt and tomato juice. As reading matter there was a guide to ecological camping sites and the latest edition of the organic magazine “BioErleben”.