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Press Release

January 18, 2018

Greeting by Dr. Christian von Boetticher, Deputy Chairman of the BVE - International Green Week Opening Ceremony on 18 January 2018 at 6 p.m.


Deputies, State Secretaries, Commissioners,

Your Excellencies and Guests from around the world,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries I welcome you to this year’s International Green Week.

- Now taking place for the 83rd time, the IGW has become an institution for the food industry and agriculture around the world

- But whether regionally or globally, the IGW offers proof of the diversity of the international food market and provides Germany’s consumers with a display of the industry’s capabilities

2. Food production is an industry with a promising future

- throughout the world food production is one of the most elementary and most important branches of industry

- With their products, agriculture and the food industry safeguard not only our basis for life but also employment and prosperity

- In Germany alone the industry provides employment for more than 5 million people in almost 700,000 businesses

- 170,000 products are constantly available on the German food market

- This combined, daily effort by all those involved in the food chain deserves to be recognised

- And this achievement needs a sustainable future

- A growing world population, digitalisation and ever-decreasing resources

- All of these factors will signify changes in food production

- Food production is an industry with a promising future, because it is aware of its responsibilities and the challenges it faces

- Companies are already developing solutions and ideas today to meet the challenges of tomorrow

- Each year 40,000 new food products enter the market in Germany alone

- And each year more than 1,000 start-ups venture onto the food production market with new products as well as new production processes

- In view of the intense competition and above all the major bureaucratic challenges and financing risks that the founders of these new companies face, this is a substantial development

- As the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries we want to make use of the International Green Week to present the flavours of the future

- New and traditional companies are invited to our stand in Hall 22a to present their food products of the future to consumers

- With an attendance in excess of 400,000 the Green Week is an ideal test market

3. Food production requires stable background conditions

- The many opportunities that will be available for food production in the future can only be fully utilised if stable background conditions prevail

- This also means that politicians must take their responsibilities to the electorate seriously and, in Germany, that a stable government is formed that is capable of taking the necessary action

- Companies need a market environment tailored to the requirements of the industry, as well as planning security, fair competition, responsible consumers, sustainability, a united Europe and free trade

- In order to face the demands of the future, food production requires less regulation and bureaucracy, and greater competitiveness

- It is only in this way that new sales markets can be developed, and investments made in innovation, quality and sustainability

- And it is only in this way that, in the future, we will be able to say: food products in Germany are safer, of better quality, more sustainable and more diverse than ever

4. Good wishes to guests

- I now wish you all every success at the International Green Week, and a constructive dialogue with your customers