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Press Release

January 15, 2018

Opening ceremony on 18 January at the CityCube Berlin - Opening tour on 19 January begins with the partner country Bulgaria in Hall 10.2

The opening ceremony of the International Green Week Berlin 2018 (19 - 28 Jan.) takes place on 18 January at the CityCube Berlin (starting at 6 p.m.). Bulgaria, the partner country, is responsible for planning the supporting cultural programme and the subsequent reception for the more than 3,600 invited guests and delegations from some 100 countries. Welcoming addresses will be given by Dr. Christian Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin GmbH, and by Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin. They will be followed by speeches from Dr. Christian von Boetticher, Vice Chairman of the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries, Joachim Rukwied, President of the German Farmers’ Union, Phil Hogan, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, and Rumen Porodzanov, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forests of the Republic of Bulgaria. The 83rd International Green Week Berlin will be officially opened by Christian Schmidt, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture.

Programme of shows to be presented by Bulgaria: traditional and modern

The various shows by the partner country Bulgaria during the opening event present both traditional and modern aspects. A multimedia show features the launch of the Voyager space probe, carrying voices and music from Earth, including a hajduk song from Bulgaria. This will be followed by 30 bagpipers playing music from the Rhodope mountains. They will be accompanying the soloist from the group ‘Bulgare’, Albena Veskova, singing the song ‘Izlel e Delyo haidutin’, which tells of a Bulgarian rebel leader from the late 17th and early 18th century. The National Folklore Ensemble ‘Bulgare’, whose dances have also met with a warm reception on Broadway in New York, will be contributing to the enjoyment. The largest private folk ensemble in Europe, it will be presenting dynamic, traditional dances accompanied by rousing music from the Shopluk region in western Bulgaria.

The string ‘Quartett Intro’, made up of students from the Music Academy in Plovdiv (2019 European Capital of Culture), will be playing a diverse mix of traditional music enhanced by modern rhythms and with the inclusion of wind instruments. The audience can also look forward to a pop star who, under the name ‘Lucy’, attracted hundreds of thousands of teenage fans as a member of the German girl band ‘No Angels’: Lyudmila Ljubomirova Dyakovska. Another celebrated star is Adriana Nikolova-Pechenkata, who combines the musical worlds of opera and beat box to create some impressive harmonies.

Reception by the partner country: a foretaste of the Green Week

Following the opening event the partner country will be holding a reception in the CityCube, where guests will be able to enjoy authentic Bulgarian culture with the group of performers that goes by the name of ‘Bulgare’. The table will be richly laid with Bulgarian specialities. The hors d’oeuvres will range from a traditional schopska salad to kiopolo aubergine salad and the ‘Snow White salad’ sneschanka. Meat is the dominant feature of main courses in Bulgaria, and examples include kavarma, a typical stew made with pork, or a lamb stew. As well as roast pork, lamb and veal, there is also chicken Thracian style, and kebaptscheta, rolls of minced and mixed beef and pork, as well as kefta meatballs. Patatnik, a dish made with potatoes, from the Rhodope mountains, is an ideal accompaniment to the meat dishes. Among the desserts the puff pastry baklava with poppy seeds, almonds, cinnamon and honey, as well as blueberries in buffalo milk or roasted pumpkin with honey confirm the excellent reputation of Bulgaria’s cuisine and the proverbial hospitality of its people. Bulgarian wines will be served with this food, with which visitors to the Green Week can also acquaint themselves during the remainder of the fair in the partner country’s hall, No. 10.2.

Opening tour at 8 a.m. on 19 January

The Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, together with Berlin’s Governing Mayor, Michael Müller, will be leading the opening tour of the International Green Week Berlin 2018. It starts with this year’s partner country, Bulgaria (19 Jan., 8 a.m., Hall 10.2) in the presence of Rumen Porodzanov, the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forests of the Republic of Bulgaria. Accompanying them on the tour will be Joachim Rukwied, President of the German Farmers’ Union, Dr. Christian von Boetticher, Vice President of the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries, and Dr. Christian Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin GmbH.

Important information for the media:

Opening ceremony on 18 January at the CityCube Berlin

Separate accreditation is essential for the opening ceremony of the Green Week 2018 (6 p.m.). A limited number of tickets are available for journalists reporting on this event. Applications should be submitted by email to Ilka Dreimann (

Accredited media representatives will be admitted to the CityCube from 4.30 p.m. onwards. Access is via the lobby of Hall 7. Please allow sufficient time for your recording equipment to be examined. A photo ID must be shown to the staff carrying out the inspections. A cloakroom is also available here. Press seating is available for media representatives in the hall, on a camera platform or in a lounge in front of the hall, where the proceedings of the opening ceremony will be relayed.

Camera teams and press photographers will be located on a platform at the opening ceremony. This is approximately 25 metres from the speaker’s rostrum and the speakers will be adequately lit. A splitter box for sound recordings will also be located here. The special guests are usually expected to arrive some ten minutes prior to the start of the opening ceremony. To enable you to take the best possible shots there will be an opportunity to come onto the stage and to film and photograph the first row of special guests (distance approx. two metres).

Opening tour on 19 January, 8 a.m., starting at Hall 10.2

Green Week accreditation will be accepted for the official opening tour of the Green Week 2018 on 19 January. The tour will begin at 8 a.m. in Hall 10 with Bulgaria, this year’s partner country. Access to the first photo location will be via the North Entrance (Hall 19 on Hammarskjöldplatz). Access will be granted to camera teams, press photographers and reporting journalists with Green Week accreditation.

Journalists who have not received their accreditation in advance can obtain their Green Week press passes on the day from 7 a.m. onwards at the press accreditation counters in the entrance areas by Hall 21 (Masurenallee) and Hall 7 (Jafféstrasse). Before the tour takes place a plan will be issued showing the photo locations. Those photographers who have been engaged by individual exhibitors may only take photographs on that exhibitor’s stand. In such cases please be prepared to present a written order from the exhibitor, but please note that no press accreditation will be granted.