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Press Release

December 14, 2017

Russia is back at the Green Week - Minister of Agriculture Tkachov announces export offensive

Russia is back at the Green Week. From 19 to 28 January 2018 Russia, the world’s largest country by surface area, will be returning to the International Green Week after a two-year break. Export-oriented Russian companies marketing foodstuffs from Siberia and central and eastern parts of Russia including the regions of Kirov and Jamal have registered for the fair. Products will include cedar nut drops, game delicacies, rare fish, as well as pine nut sweets and berries. Also represented will be a construction company selling laminated timber houses, winemakers as well as producers of mineral fertilizer and seeds for growing industrial plants.

Alexander Tkachow, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation: “We look forward to exhibiting Russian farming products at the International Green Week 2018. In recent years Russian agriculture has become one of the most successful sectors of the economy. Now that our products are able to satisfy domestic demand we are beginning to actively branch into export markets.”

According to Tkachov, Russia’s non-processed foods and high quality standards in every production phase mean the prospects are good for exporting Russian foodstuffs on the world’s agricultural markets.

Tkachov: “We are in the process of expanding sales of regional brands which will help to create a positive image of Russian foodstuffs among European consumers and enable them to appreciate their nutritional value, organic quality and diversity. I am confident that the product displays of Russian producers at the Green Week will strengthen trade relations between Russia and other countries at the fair and will have a positive impact on them.“

Covering 1,000 square metres, Russia’s combined stand in Hall 6.2a is being organised by the Russian Export Center, a branch of the Ministry of Economics. The stand will feature a special matchmaking area for business meetings between Russian exporters, suppliers and foreign buyers.