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December 13, 2017

Baos, burritos, burgertrios: Getting a taste for the unusual with Street Food in Hall 12

Bavarian tapas with white sausage candies, crazy chips on a stick, or stuffed bubble-waffle creations: street food is contemporary fast food or today’s trendy snack. It consists mostly of fancy little snacks sold on attractively designed stands or from so-called food trucks for consumption on the spot.

The organisers of the International Green Week Berlin 2018 are sending thrill-seeking visitors to Hall 12 on an unusual journey of culinary discovery. From 19 to 28 January this is the place to find baos (Asian burgers), burritos, fresh pasta, delicious raclette, strudels in every flavour, frozen yoghurt und and unique Turkish maraş ice cream. Adventurous visitors can also find fish snacks, Korean finger food and pastries, burgertrios with jackfruit and many other out-of-the-ordinary snacks. Apart from the food trucks, many other suppliers are competing for visitors’ attention with new products such as colourful squirty cream in a variety of flavours, vegetable sticks as something different to munch on, herbs and spices, craft beers and various sweet or savoury delicacies.