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Press Release

November 29, 2017

‘Source of diversity’ - The initiative ‘Flowers – 1,000 good reasons’ makes Hall 2.2, the Floral Hall, bloom

From19 to 28 January 2018 the International Green Week Berlin will be presenting a completely new concept for its Floral Hall. The Landgard initiative ‘Flowers – 1,000 good reasons’ has been planned to enable visitors to this popular show to experience flowers and other plants in a particularly intensive and active way. Under the slogan of ‘Source of diversity’, Hall 2.2 will feature a creative display of the widest possible range of topics from the world of flowers and plants. “In staging this display our aim is to revitalise the image of flowers and plants and to create a better and more lasting impression of this sector and its products. We will be showing just how fascinating, varied, exciting, beautiful and modern the world of flowers and plants is”, explains Armin Rehberg, chairman of the board of Landgard eG. With a membership of 3,200 businesses and companies, Landgard is one of the largest European marketing organisations for flowers and plants, as well as for fruit and vegetables.

Covering an area of 6,000 square metres, the Floral Hall has been designed to feature the achievements of the green sector, with many early flowering plants, creative floral arrangements, numerous points at which young and old alike can get involved, workshops, and innovative approaches for using flowers and plants to produce a modern urban landscape. “The Floral Hall welcomes visitors with all that is modern, aesthetically pleasing and exciting in the green sector”, according to Rehberg. Flowers and plants as a source of diversity with thematic areas devoted to the subjects of love, life, beauty, enjoyment, economy and creativity, represent a completely new conceptual approach for the Floral Hall.

Among the displays on smaller areas in the Floral Hall are those by the National Horticultural Association (ZVG), the Berlin Regional Association of Gardening Enthusiasts, the Schools-Environmental Centre for the Mitte District / Gardening School and the publishing company Bauernverlag. The media partner radioBERLIN 88,8 is presenting a daily programme on the stage with live reporting.

Green City at the heart of the Floral Hall

The ‘Source of diversity’ can be found right in the middle of the Floral Hall. “With its transparent facades, this source, designated the ‘Green City’, provides a quiet space for visitors to the fair and stands out from the rest of the hall. It also presents the subject of flowers and plants in urban spaces. Many actual examples are provided to show visitors how flowers and plants can be integrated in a modern urban setting, thereby enhancing it. Grey, depressing concrete deserts are a thing of the past, and now flowers and plants are taking over again in cities, becoming an indispensable aspect of contemporary urban planning.

Themed area imitates life: colourful and varied

The ‘Green City’ will also include six eye-catching displays in the form of elaborate floral arrangements, one for each of the six thematic areas in the Floral Hall. Love, life, beauty, enjoyment, economy and creativity – all terms with a particular importance in everyday human life. And flowers can always have a special part to play. Moreover, each of the thematic areas extends an invitation to get actively involved, whether this is with interactive photography against the background of a carefully arranged wall of flowers, workshops for dealing with flowers in a sustainable way, a floral aesthetic in its purest form, urban gardening projects to get actively involved in, or fashionable do-it-yourself courses with experienced interior design experts. In addition, this initiative will itself be constantly and actively participating in the Floral Hall, and its influence will be felt in many different events, and in plant and flower-based activities for promotional purposes or intended to encourage visitors to get involved at the fair itself or on social networks.

In implementing this new concept for the Floral Hall, Landgard Initiative has appointed the Berlin planning consultants Neumann & Gusenburger, who have had many years of experience of the Green Week. Among those collaborating with Landgard in designing the displays of flowers at the Floral Hall are BLOOM´s, the leading German publishing company for a floral lifestyle, and one of Europe’s leading marketing agencies for the green market. BLOOM´s general manager Klaus Wagener will be serving as the artistic director of the Floral Hall. He is the only German to have won the World Florists’ Championship.

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