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October 24, 2017

Global Forum for Food and Agriculture 2018: ’Shaping the Future of Livestock – sustainably, responsibly, efficiently’

The Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) is recognised as the world’s leading agricultural policymaking event, which from 18 to 20 January will kick off the International Green Week Berlin 2018 (19 – 28 Jan.). The slogan is ’Shaping the Future of Livestock – sustainably, responsibly, efficiently’.

Global population growth, changing consumer habits and increasing wealth will cause a disproportionately large increase in the consumption of animal foodstuffs worldwide. The United Nations predicts that output of livestock produce will need to double or even quadruple by the middle of the 21st century. Smallholders in particular contribute substantially to animal foodstuff production and are impacted significantly by developments around the world. Worldwide, the livelihoods of around 1.3 billion people depend on livestock. Around the world livestock maintenance is responsible for 75 per cent of CO² emissions in agriculture, while at the same time grazing pastures play an important role in storing CO² and also help to maintain biodiversity.

Any increases in output to supply the needs of a growing global population growth can only be achieved using existing resources, which in turn requires more sustainable and efficient exploitation, particularly of water and soil. Maintaining animal health and reducing levels of resistance to antibiotics is important in this context.

At the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture various events will discuss ways to approach critical issues, such as how sustainable farming can combat hunger around the world and secure food supplies. Now in its tenth year, the GFFA is one of the largest international conferences organised under the aegis of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). With the help of greater international cooperation the aim of the GFFA is to establish practical solutions to global problems and implement them worldwide.

Any members of the public interested in these topics are welcome to take part in the various specialist events and panel discussions as well as the debate. For more information on the GFFA 2018 and in order to register online please visit the website at:

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