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Finland - Partner Country of the International Green Week 2019

Tervetuloa Suomeen Welcome to Finland


Discover Finnish products

Partner Country Finland: “From the Wild” in Hall 10.2

After 25 years of participating in the trade fair, Finland will now be the first Northern European partner country to present itself at International Green Week Berlin (IGW) 2019. On 1,600 m² of exhibition space, more than 80 Finnish exhibitors await you at the world's most important trade fair for food, agriculture and gardening. This year the organizers once again expect over 400,000 trade and private visitors.

The partner country Finland awaits you at Green Week 2019 in Hall 10.2. Under the motto "From the Wild" Finland will focus on the variety of its domestic products and specialties: Clean, Arctic food from Finland's pure nature, sustainable Finnish forestry, organic wood products and Finland as a relaxing experience and nature travel destination are topics that will receive special attention at Green Week 2019. The culinary delights characteristic for the country range from innovative oat and rye products to hearty beers, fish and other gastronomic specialities from various regions. The food offered at the IGW comes from the south-west of Finland, the south-eastern lake Saimaa, the western lake district, the eastern province of North Karelia, close to the Russian border and the northern province of Kainuu, as well as from the wilderness of Lapland.

Partner Country Finland

Did you know that …

Finland's 188,000 lakes are so large that, in relation to its land mass, Finland has the largest water-covered area of any country in the world and, as 70 per cent of its land surface is covered by forest, it’s the European leader?

in Finnish Lapland, the famous Northern Lights (→ Aurora Borealis), a wonderful spectacle of nature in the sky, appear on around 200 nights a year, or every other clear night?

the air in Kilpisjärvi (Lapland) is the cleanest in Europe, and Finnish waters are among the cleanest in the world?

Finland has 40 national parks with regional, scenic features such as rapids and gorges?

Finland's capital Helsinki is one of the most creative and innovative gourmet scenes in Europe, and Finns love their coffee even more than Germans do?

Santa Claus is a Finn and you can get to know him? The Santa Claus office in Rovaniemi is open every day of the year – children and adults can visit the man with the beard, talk to him and enjoy the magical atmosphere.

Finns are the happiest people? According to the latest World Happiness Report 2018, Finland leads the international satisfaction ranking of 156 countries. This makes Finland the country with the highest quality of life. The study is based on assessment criteria such as life expectancy, social support and corruption.


  • Finland is the northernmost agricultural country in the EU. Finland's agricultural area ranges from 60 degrees latitude in the south to the lake district in central and eastern Finland and the wilderness of Lapland north of the Arctic Circle.
  • Clean air, clean water and soil, and cold, dark winters, as well as summers in which the sun never sets, all make Finland a country of unique and pure scents and aromas of fields, stables, forests and lakes, as well as a habitat for many wildlife and birds.
  • The Finnish food sector focuses on the production of high-quality and innovative food and beverages – the excellent results are due to the pristine Finnish nature.
  • 70 percent of Finland's land area is covered by sustainably managed forests, which are a source of innovative and sustainable products and provide excellent seasonal and wild foods such as fruits, berries, mushrooms and herbs.
  • Finland specializes in Arctic agriculture and is the world's largest oat producer and exporter.
  • Sustainability and animal welfare in livestock farming: In Finland, antibiotics are only used to treat sick animals, not as a preventive measure. Finnish dairy, egg and meat products are free of salmonella thanks to strict protocols.
  • The processes used in Finnish food production are a model for the whole world.


In addition to partner country Finland, numerous exhibitors from all over the world will once again take part in IGW 2019. Discover national and international exhibitors in the Virtual Market Place® - the exhibitor and product search tool of Green Week.

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