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December 19, 2018

Green Week 2019: ‘Organic - more room for life’

Ecological cultivation in all its diversity in the Bio Hall 1.2b


‘Organic – more room for life’ is the slogan of the Bio Hall 1.2b at the International Green Week Berlin 2019. From 18 to 27 January this thriving sector will be featuring ecological cultivation in all its diversity. Peter Röhrig, General Manager of Germany’s leading organic producers’ organisation, the Federation of the Ecological Food Industry (BÖLW): “In the Bio Hall visitors can learn first-hand from organic farmers, bakers, beekeepers and wine producers how tasty organic products are created, as well as buying many eco-specialities to enjoy at home. For families and schoolchildren in particular there are many exciting opportunities to obtain information and sample various items.” The organic associations Bioland, Naturland and Demeter will be explaining why organic milk makes you “happy, beautiful and strong” and why bees are most content when tended by organic beekeepers on sustainably managed land. They will also provide a virtual tour around an organic farming unit as a vivid demonstration of humane animal husbandry.


‘Swarming in favour of diversity’ describes the stand of the National Programme for Ecological Cultivation and Other Forms of Sustainable Agriculture (BÖLN). Organic researchers can be seen at work here, while farmers from the Network of Farms Demonstrating Organic Cultivation will be explaining how important pollinating insects are for maintaining biological diversity.


The programme on the stage in the Bio Hall will be presenting plenty of live entertainment. There will be cooking and tasting, and answers will be provided to the public’s questions: Where is the nearest organic farm that I can visit? Why does organic food taste so good? Is eco the same as environmental protection? On 24 January (2 – 4 p.m., Hall 7.3, Berlin Room) the Federal Ministry of Agriculture will be presenting awards to outstanding organic farms under the auspices of the National Ecological Cultivation Competition.


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